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Traffic Monitoring System Solution

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GWT is regarded as a complete network solution for the construction of highway electromechanical engineering. It mainly provides network solutions for application of monitoring systems and communication systems.

Monitoring System Network Solution

The monitoring system is to connect surveillance cameras deployed at highway sections, bridges, tunnels, etc. to the monitoring center through access networks. The access network is deployed by deploying industrial switches to form an ERPS ring network. As an ITU-TG standard ring network protocol, ERPS is implemented based on Ethernet, and can achieve fault protection capabilities of 20ms level to realize the interconnection and interoperability of the network and reliable transmission.Each access ring network is connected to the sub-center through the monitoring and aggregation switch at the convergence point of the road segment. The sub-center core switch and the provincial monitoring center are interconnected and interoperable. The monitoring system is controlled and available throughout the province. The PIM-SM protocol is deployed on network devices to optimize video traffic.



Program value

Switch ring technology ensures the reliable operation of the network. The entire line of optical network switch, whether it is industrial switches or general-purpose switches, support the networking technology based on the ERPS standard ring network, make full use of optical fiber resources to improve the utilization of bandwidth



The switch supports single-fiber ring network technology and saves fiber resources. The GWT full-line switch products can realize single-fiber ERPS protection rings, which can save optical fiber resources and reduce construction costs.

Provide a total solution. GWT can provide industrial switches, general-purpose all-line switches and other products to meet the needs of the entire highway network of electromechanical engineering application of the overall network products